Paul Tavilla

Grape Catching Record Holder - Guiness Book of World Records

Tips for Catching Grapes

Choose your grape carefully.

I use only black grapes, because they're big and heavy and easy to see. Tavilla's recommendation: California Ribier grapes grown in July or August, when they come really big.
If I have to, I'll go to Chilean Red Globe grapes.

Catch with your eyes.

"You're not catching it with your mouth, Tavilla reveals. "I've been catching things in my mouth since I was a kid , and now I teach other kids how to do it. I say, I'll aim at your head. Watch my hand." They"ll get it in the head, or in the nose, until thry really learn to follow the grape with their eyes."

Choose your students carefully.

Tavilla is a favorite with TV talk shows. But some of his hosts have gotten in trouble by trying to emulate the master. "The writer George Plimpton had people throwing grapes from the Trump Tower in New York City. I caught one, but Plimpton slipped on the sidewalk and went over backward." Johnny Carson hardley had better luck. " I told him to catch with his eyes, and thats just what he did. He got a grape right in the eye!"









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